2020-01-13 Project meeting of the German-Dutch "InMediValue" project

Innovations for medical imaging: This is what the German-Dutch project "InMediValue" is about, in which our colleagues from the University Clinic Münster, Department of Clinical Radiology, are project partners.


The third project meeting with representatives of the University of Applied Sciences Münster, the University of Twente, industrial partners from the Netherlands, and the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia and the University Clinic Münster took place early this week at the University Clinic Münster. University Clinic Münster is working on two projects: Subproject 1 is about the optimization of breast compression in mammography, subproject 2 is about the use of artificial intelligence in the early detection of breast cancer. The interdisciplinary team of working group 1 wants to improve the comfort of screening mammography while at the same time increasing the quality and reproducibility of the compression technique and the images.

The main objective of the EUREGIO project is the development of modern medical imaging techniques for use in hospitals and clinics. In subproject 3, the University of Applied Sciences Münster is working with project partners on the development and detectability of new markers for improved lesion detection. Ultimately, women, in particular, should benefit from better diagnostics and early detection of (breast) cancer.

See also the Dutch or German EUREGIO press release, and the German Newsletter of INTERREG Germany-The Netherlands


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In the picture (LTR): Dr. med. Anika Brameier, IKR; Brigitte Hurtienne, MTRA, IKR; Prof. Dr. Karin Mittmann FH Münster (Projektleitung InMediValue), Dr. Jerry de Groot, Sigmascreening; Monique van Lier, Sigmascreening; Ivo Aarninkhof, Sigmascreening; Marlies Spandau, ltd. MTRA, IKR; Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Walter Heindel, IKR.  © UKM/Wibberg