Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle released in Screening Bremen (Germany)

Reference Center Mammography North in Germany has released the Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle from Sigmascreening in the breast screening of Bremen. Medical technology company Sigmascreening is the world's leader in developments in the field of pressure-guided digital mammography and breast cancer screening.

The team from Bremen, led by the radiologists Dr. Krastel and Dr. Flocken, and radiographer Mrs. Freiheit has gained experiences with the Sensitive Sigma™ paddle since June 2016. Dr. Krastel, Dr. Flocken, Mrs. Freiheit: ''The Sensitive Sigma™ paddle provides the ability to determine the pressure in the tissue via simultaneous measurement of the force and breast contact area with the paddle. While small breasts require less force to compress, standard compression protocols call for equal force regardless of breast size.  This can result in unnecessarily high pressure, leading to severe pain and poor acceptance of mammography. Pain can also lead to motion and an increased breathing rhythm, which increases the risk of motion artefacts. In case of large breasts, the standard compression is often not sufficient to keep the breast motionless and can result is poor positioning and image quality, particularly during MLO compression. In this case, the Sensitive Sigma™ paddle informs the radiographer that the pressure is too low and a higher compressive force is required despite the supposedly sufficient compression force. The Sensitive Sigma™ Paddle is a helpful tool that allows radiographers to use the compression force needed for every single breast .According to our experience, the pressure indicator on the Sensitive Sigma™ paddle, which is also visible for patients, can lead to less pain, especially for anxious and pain sensitive patients. This could lead to a larger acceptance of mammography.”